Elegance anywhere with 'Chateau  Versailles' wall tapestry from Heirloom Tapestries
Large tapestries provide acoustic barriers in rooms and entryways.
'Piedmonte  Classico' wall hanging tapestry
landscape hand woven 'Rowboat with Greenery' tapestry wall hanging on curved wall.
Lady with the Unicorn tapestries on curved stairwell
Large hand woven tapestry  'Chinoiserie with Red Drapery' from Heirloom Tapestries
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As experts in the wall hanging tapestry world, Heirloom European Tapestries is the largest source for wall hangings, and wall décor accessories in America. Heirloom's 2500 tapestries mainly come from France, Belgium and Italy. These designs for interior décor are exquisite reproductions of museum classics from the 12th to the 19th century- periods in which they achieved a unique grandeur and elegance which only a wall tapestry can provide.

Heirloom European Tapestries offers expert home interior design consulting and color printed catalogs with over 300 pages of tapestry designs for living rooms, family rooms or great halls, hallways, foyers, bedrooms, stairways, offices, in churches & synagogues, hotels and restaurants. Established in 1993, Heirloom European Tapestries continues to be the source for beautiful and elegant wall tapestries for home and office décor.

Heirloom also offers custom hand woven wall hangings for major residential, civic and commercial installations. As specialist’s in hand woven, Heirloom is unmatched for stocking the largest selection of 100% New Zealand wool tapestries woven in the 900 year old tradition of weaving one thread at a time. In the world of reproduction tapestries, the best are custom designs followed by hand woven wool/silk reproductions. Next are the Jacquard woven tapestries in cotton/wool. Somewhere between them in quality and value is the serigraphic or silk-screened tapestry.

Custom tapestries are specific designs hand woven in 100% wool/silk for a special occasion or situation. The advantage is their uniqueness and their ability to resolve precise and demanding interior design requirements with wall tapestries. Hand woven tapestries are, as the name suggests, woven on looms by hand, one thread at a time. These tapestry wall hangings have very fine details with a dense weave and are very affordable considering the skill and labor involved. Over 300 classic designs are available today.

Jacquard tapestries are woven on old looms which use a semi-mechanical process to weave wall tapestries invented by one Jacques Jacquard in 1805. The Jacquard process revolutionized the weaving industry, allowing many people with good, but not necessarily royal incomes, to purchase their own wall hangings.

Heirloom European designs beautifully accent traditional, classic and contemporary spaces. Themes range from American heritage, landscapes, renaissance, and medieval designs to mythological, floral, pastoral and folk art. William Morris tapestries, the Lady with the Unicorn tapestries, the Bayeux designs and other classic mille-fleur wall tapestry designs are favored for their French, Belgium and Italian heritage. Heirlooms’ Italian tapestries are inspired by centuries of itinerant Flemish or Belgian weavers who set up looms for wall tapestry commissions and then, on completion, moved on to new sites in Italy to weave unique Italian tapestries. Of course, like the Italians, the Italian tapestries tend to use rich jewel tones and plenty of design flourishes to add a special drama evocative of the Italian spirit. Likewise, Heirloom offers a complete selection of French tapestries which have a long tradition dating back to the twelth century when weavers turned their attention to producing uniquely French tapestries primarily as a “mass media” way to promote the church and the state. Of course, these were primarily decorative and designed to add a more livable warmth to the cold stone walls of chateaus and cathedrals. They also literally helped to keep the large expanses of the huge rooms a little warmer in winter and lighter in spring. Some Royal collections of French tapestries were used to display the power and majesty of the Court as it travelled around its royal realm. Rooms in the visiting Kings chateaus would be festooned with incredible tapestries depicting great battles and other major historical events. The Church too, was keen to establish its authority and to educate the mostly illiterate public on all things religious. On festive occasions, the Church would take out their fine tapestry collection and display them inside and outside along the parade route. For perhaps five centuries then, the major events of church and state in France involved this splendid use of large tapestries to awe and influence its citizens and even to recruit people to fight for or otherwise support, the sponsored events. That said, French tapestries were, and remain to this day, the finest woven expressions of a culture and it’s arts. These wall tapestry designs added such beauty, pomp and ceremony to court and religious life that it would be hard to imagine living at the time without them.

Whether it is a chateau, palace, embassy, luxurious hotel, restaurant or good old home-sweet-home, Heirloom European experts will help you get the size, color, shape, subject and price just right. And if you are looking for a large tapestry, Heirloom offers over three hundred large tapestry designs over twelve feet in width. Plus they have a twenty year old history in the design of custom wall tapestries. These large tapestry weavings , and especially hand woven large tapestry commissions, take usually four to seven months to produce on the loom. Of course, Heirloom has all the design and weaving expertise you need to create a décor experience that only a large tapestry can provide. Indeed, when it comes to large tapestries, whether you choose from Heirlooms’ current wall tapestry selection or decide to have a custom woven large tapestry – perhaps inspired by one of our existing tapestry designs – you will have an interior grandeur that only a wall tapestry can provide.

Shopping Heirloom is easy with its largest selection of wall tapestries, expert assistance, free rods, finials, tassels and free shipping in the USA. Ordering is safe and secure on line, or you can call our toll free number, fax or e-mail your order.

Whatever you choose, Heirloom European Tapestries has you covered with woven wall tapestry designs to complement any interior décor.

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