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Custom Tapestries By Heirloom European Tapestries

Lamb of God - Custom Tapestries

Heirloom custom tapestry experts have over 18 years of experience designing custom tapestries for churches, synagogues temples and public spaces. Talk to an expert at 1-800-699-6836.

Fantasia Italiana tapestry was inspired by a need for a custom design in a residential project in Florida. Talk to an Heirloom custom tapestries expert at 1-800-699-6836 today!

Fantasia Italiana tapestry was inspired by a need for a custom design in a residential project in Florida. It's now available here. Talk to an Heirloom custom tapestries expert at 1-800-699-6836 today!

Birds of Paradise - Custom Tapestries Birds of Paradise tapestry is a unique design created by Heirloom custom tapestries from an ancient fresco fragment. See it here. Let an Heirloom tapestries expert help you design something really special! 1-800-699-6836
If nothing transforms a room like a tapestry, it is even truer when that tapestry is custom designed and custom woven specifically for you in 100% New Zealand Wool!

Our custom design experts work directly with you to capture just the right subject in exactly the right colors and size for your room décor.

For over a decade, we have worked with individual home owners, and commercial projects from show homes to hotels, restaurants, offices, clubs, galleries, churches and synagogues.

Custom Tapestry themes include:

Family and Heraldry crests and armorials. We’ll research your family name for a historically accurate crest. Or we can create a new crest borrowing from your local or national traditions. One exception: we do not weave favorite portraits of people or pets.

Country and Estate Scenes. We can capture a woven record of your property as it is now, or one of your dreams.

Special Themes. We love to weave special, personal scenes ranging from far away Provence, Tuscany and St Petersburg to good old American lighthouses, marine scenes, Civil War events and our early colonial history. Our tapestries make any occasion grand.

Church and Religious Themes. Here again, we can design and weave exactly what you want. We can work from pictures you supply, or research appropriate grand old tapestries that have adorned churches, synagogues, private chapels, castles and other places of worship over the centuries.

College, University and Club Logos. Tournament and commemorative tapestries make a unique and unforgettable statement.

Company and Commercial Interiors. Hotels, offices, board and reception rooms are a natural habitat for grand and elegant tapestries depicting milestone events, history, corporate image or other inspirational themes.

Yosemite Dream 1850 - Custom Tapestries

Yosemite Dream 1850 tapestry was custom designed for a lodge-style hotel reception area! More info here. Let an Heirloom expert work with you to take your design and custom weave it to your size and color specifications.

How We Work Together

Our studio starts by listening carefully to what you want: we add to that our expert advice, and then develop a preliminary design which we review and refine together, incorporating each and every detail faithfully. After you approve the design, we begin the weaving process, ever mindful of your wishes and maintaining an on-going dialogue between you, ourselves and the weavers. The result is a very unique, one-of-a-kind Heirloom Tapestry which you and future generations will come to treasure.

Finally a few words about cost and size:

Generally, the cost will depend on:

  • tapestry size
  • design complexity (design fees, when applicable, vary accordingly)
  • number of colors
  • wool or wool/silk combination

Regarding size: the best size/price efficiencies are realized when we weave no smaller than 5’ x 6’ (60” x 72”). We can, of course, weave smaller, but the cost will be in this minimum size range.

Napoli Antica - Custom Tapestries

This Napoli Antica tapestry sets the mood for dining in your home...or restaurant! See more here. Heirloom hand weaves its custom tapestries in wool. Let us research and design a custom tapestry to transform your space!

Heirloom weaves custom tapestries for all kinds of installations, including residential homes, hotels, churches, synagogues, theatres, restaurants and theme parks. Our custom tapestries let you capture a one-off expression of your favorite coat-of-arms or antique tapestry designs. These custom tapestries are hand woven in pure wool to add an extra special "heirloom" quality to any room. Your custom tapestry will meet all the criteria that a specific design can accommodate, including optimal design size, colors and format. Heirloom design specialists work closely with you on custom tapestries, from initial design considerations through to finished installation advice. We have woven custom tapestries for large, clear-story spaces, and can accommodate even curved walls and specific niches. Added advantages for custom tapestries include significant sound absorption to improve acoustics, particularly in large rooms and foyers. Our custom tapestries are lined with a quality cotton backing and sleeve to protect it for generations. Heirlooms' custom tapestries represent the ultimate in style, grace and grandeur, providing a personal touch that creates a unique atmosphere to complement any decor, including period and contemporary designs. Heirloom European wall tapestries commemorate those big milestone events, history, corporate image and other inspirational themes in a way that is equal to the occasion.

To further consider a custom tapestry, talk to an expert @ 1-800-699-6836.

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