For more than 20 years, customers from across the US have been commissioning custom tapestries from Heirloom Tapestry’s experts. From reproducing an ancient fresco fragment to weaving a corporate manifesto, Heirloom has the experience needed to create elegant custom tapestries. Read through the details below to see for yourself.

Where do I begin?

Do you wish to commission a custom tapestry woven by skilled artisans? Then look no further; Heirloom can make your dream come true. We guide you through the process, from choosing an initial design concept and size to working out which color palette is best for your design and then liaising with the weavers to get the perfect result.

Alternatively, you may want to copy an original painting, photo, or tapestry. Many different sources of inspiration are listed below to ignite ideas for your custom tapestry. Just take a look below at some of the sources of inspiration from which Heirloom customers have drawn to make their dreams a reality.

Ancient Frescos | Original Paintings | Family Crests/Coat of Arms | Original Tapestry | Buildings (Perhaps a dream or former house or place of work)

Country Estates | National Parks | Paper or Fabric Collages | Special Photos (excluding humans or pets) | Historic Events (Colonial History Scenes)

Click here for some examples of custom handweaving projects that Heirloom have completed

How is it done?

he images below show a few points of view of the tapestry being woven. You can see the hand-drawn sketches that that weavers use as guides.


How does Heirloom work with you?

There are many elements to creating a custom tapestry which our experts work through step by step. However, Heirloom Tapestry experts take on almost all of the work, leaving you to concentrate on the most important part. Our studio starts by listening carefully to what you want. Your wishes are then coupled with OUR expert advice and experience to ensure that the concept is feasible.

After an initial concept is discussed and detailed notes made, a preliminary design is drawn, which is then reviewed by you and a custom project expert from Heirloom. During the review process, the design is refined by you and Heirloom to create the perfect platform from which to weave!

After the design is approved, WE begin the weaving process, ever mindful of your wishes and whilst maintaining an on-going dialogue between you, Heirloom, and the skilled weavers.

Contact Duncan Robertson

Duncan has many years of experience in handweaving tapestries right from the concept to the completion. Reach out to Duncan today with your custom tapestry inquiry.

The Result

The result is a unique, one-of-a-kind, custom tapestry which you and your children, as well as future generations, will treasure for decades to come. Why not spend a while browsing through the gallery below of custom tapestries?

We’d love to hear from you!  Call 1-800-699-6836 or email for more information.