Where Should I Hang My Wall Tapestry?

Feb 23rd 2017

In our last blog, we went over how to hang your wall tapestry. However, we may have gotten ahead of ourselves; after all, before you actually hang your tapestry, you have to decide where you want to … read more

How Tapestries Were Made in Medieval Times

Feb 13th 2017

At Heirloom Tapestries, we offer a variety of medieval-inspired, handwoven tapestries for your home. Though our tapestries are still handwoven by skilled artisans and many designed to replicate Medi … read more

​How to Hang Your Wall Tapestry

Feb 3rd 2017

Hanging a wall tapestry in your home is a great way to add beauty and texture to any room, and even serves the practical purpose of reducing noise pollution. When you invest in a gorgeous wall tapes … read more

Handwoven Tapestries: The History of Morris and Co

Jan 10th 2017

William Morris: Leader of the Arts and Crafts MovementIn the 19th century, Morris & Co. was responsible for bringing the art of tapestry weaving back into vogue. As a result, many of the handwoven tap … read more