Antique Tapestries

The ancient craft of tapestry weaving has been established at Aubusson for at least five centuries. This little town, in La Marché region of France, became a natural centre for weaving, with a good supply of local wool, and the exceptional dyeing properties of the Creuse River which flows through the town. In the 15th Century, the weaving workshops established there relied on the regional market of the local nobility for their production. The weaving industry gradually prospered at Aubusson, as its reputation and clientele grew, and the town was granted the title of Royal Manufactory in 1665, in line with the Beauvais and Gobelins Workshops. Aubusson continued to thrive throughout the 18th & 19th Centuries and became well known for 'Le Rustique' and the 'Pastoral' style of tapestry.